American Dreamz

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An American Nightmare!

Martin Tweed (Hugh Grant) runs the country’s most popular show, American Dreamz, a call-from-home-to-vote singing competition. Tweed rakes the country for the most talented and the most neurotic contestants. At the top of that list are Sally Kendoo (Mandy Moore) who is really rather heartless and wants nothing but to be a super star, and Omer (Sam Golzari) a goon who really can’t sing and is actually a terrorist wanting to blow up the president (Dennis Quaid) during his scheduled visit to co-host the show.  Only one can win, but with a terrorist plot in action, winning comes in second only to surviving.

You know that little voice inside your head that warns you of a wolf in sheep’s clothing? Well, every time I go to rent a movie, American Dreamz lands in my hand and I think, “oh wow, a movie with Hugh Grant, Dennis Quaid, Mandy Moore, and Seth Meyers—it HAS to be good!” But I listen to that wise voice saying that if it didn’t do well in the ratings, there’s probably a reason.  But this was the time; I decided to give this American Idol knock-off a chance. Big Mistake!! Lack of any depth, terrible acting, and frankly, I had no clue why they were including the political spin? Propaganda? Who knows but listen when I say, do not waste 90 minutes of your life on this nasty sheep covered wolf of a film, you’ll surely regret it!

Motherly Advice: American Dreamz was viewed in our home with the filters set on medium.  Let’s start with wardrobe, Mandy Moore’s character pretty much always wears too short of shorts, too low cut of shirt, or shirts with no straps at all! There are a few make-out scenes with Mandy and her boyfriend, and one scene where she is caught in a sexually implied scene through a keyhole, you don’t see anything, but the sex is implied.  The big concern here to discuss with the young in age and/or heart, is terrorism.  Quite a bit of political propaganda is also implied and statements such as the U.S. is always trying to stir up other countries to anger etc. Because of the last mentioned element, I would recommend this film for ages 13 and up.

Trisha~ So if you are an American Idol fan, just stick to the real deal!

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