The Secret World of Arrietty

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Borrow Some Patience from the Kids

Arreitty is a Borrower, which means she's about five inches tall and has to borrow things from the Being's house in which she lives with her Borrower family. Life is hard because it is imperative that the Beings not see the Borrowers as their curiosity inevitably leads to destroying a Borrower's life. So when the sickly new resident boy discovers Arrietty in his room one night, Arrietty must decide between this new friendship and safety.

This film is slow and quiet with wonderful music. I hereby confess, I got a little bored with it. I feel slightly bashful in admitting that my 8 year old daughter had more patience and depth in her to be able to enjoy it than I did. I guess we all want our kids to better than we are right? I wanted it to end differently but as it is, the ending fell about as flat as grass under an elephant's foot. But again my daughter wanted to watch it again the next day. So who knows? Maybe you're kids will like it, but I suppose it was sort of beautiful and imaginative so not a complete loss.

Motherly Advice:  With filters set to most on everything there were only two instances of language cut. There aren't really any intensely scary scenes or anything inappropriate at all. This one is a green light for all ages.

Danielle'- Clearplay Being
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