George of the Jungle

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Can a Jungle man really find true love?

George (Brendan Fraser) is a pseudo Tarzan raised in the jungle by apes, but not just any apes, talking apes…that play the bongos.  He has a pet elephant named Shep and swings from vines. Ursula Stanhope (Leslie Mann), a wealthy heiress, is touring the jungle with her guides when she is saved by George from a ferocious lion. Ursula’s pompous and self-absorbed fiancĂ© Lyle (Thomas Haden Church) isn’t going to let George one up him. So the battle for Ursula’s love ensues and leads them out of the jungle to the urban jungle of San Francisco.

George of the Jungle is a fun movie packed with silliness and some laugh-out-loud moments; it is not to be taken seriously at all, it even pokes fun at itself throughout. Fraser nails the role of this klutzy but lovable Jester of the Jungle in the live-action take of the 1960s cartoon. Consider this kind of a guilty pleasure movie where you know it is stupid but you still enjoy it. Between the narrator, the cartoon violence, the subtitles and the talking apes you will surely find moments worthy of laughter

Motherly Advice:  Clothes are an issue for one character, George, since he is seen wearing only a loincloth for most of the movie. The cartoon violence and crude humor which includes George falling, running into many trees, clothes-lining a lion and jokes involving bodily functions are probably the things that will get you and/or your kids laughing the most, but are not always filtered.  It is implied in one scene that George is naked but you will only see him from the waist up but Ursula’s friend is in the room and makes a comment on how he looks. The not so lovable Lyle is the butt of jokes by the men he enlisted to help him find Ursula, but don’t feel too sorry for him he may have had it coming.  With filters set to “Most filtering” pop in George of the Jungle for some wacky fun for ages 6 and up.

Hannah -  Nobody dies in this story.  They just get really big boo-boos.

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