Judgmental Giveaway

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When is a Comment worth a Thousand Dollars?

Next to motherhood, reviewing movies is the best job ever. I watch, I judge, then I write about what I watched and judged.

Why should I keep it all to myself? You all watch movies (obviously) and you all judge them (don't pretend you don't) so lets hear your judgments. You owe it to your ClearPlay community of movie lovers to put in your voice of Yea or Nay.

Plus during the next three weeks we're going to reward one random commenter with...brace yourself...10 years of ClearPlay Membership! That's almost a $1,000 dollar value! This prize will come in the form of ten one year membership gift cards that you can either keep for yourself, share with others, or BOTH.

Take a look at some of our recent reviews.  Every movie post you comment on gets you ONE entry into this giveaway. That is ONE comment PER person PER post AND you have to talk about the movie reviewed AND you have to be polite. This giveaway will end on August 10, 2012 at midnight. Our winner will be announced on the 11th.

Oh what judgmental fun! The only thing as good as watching movies is talking about watching movies and insisting that you know all about what's worth watching and what's not!
So, Enjoy the show!

You can start your commenting here by simply telling us what you're watching for movie night this weekend.

Danielle'- Looking Forward to Seeing You in the Comments

P.S. And for goodness' sake go check out ClearPlay's AWESOME new website. 

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