Batman Begins

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The Story of How It All Began!

Bruce Wayne (Christian Bale) not just your average trust fund baby.  A man who’s childhood was robbed when his parents were murdered, and who now seeks revenge on the evil bottom-dwellers of Gotham City.

Since it’s “T minus 9” days until the 3rd installment of the Dark Knight series is released in theatres, I thought I’d review where it all began, in Batman Begins. The best thing about Batman Begins is it tells the batman story in a way that answers so many questions that I had throughout the original Batman trilogy.  Like, for instance, where he got all buff and trained up on how to whoop on the “bad” guys.  Or where he got all of those crazy insane gadgets and gizmos.  And how the “Bat-mobile” came to be.  I love all of the Batman stories, but this one just seemed to be so well put together.  Now let’s talk casting.  Christian Bale, in my opinion, plays a phenomenal batman, I know he got a lot of flack for his um, lack of phonetic value (I might have made that up, but you get me right?) but I think he has the talent to play a really dark character that has some deep-rooted anger. But take the mask off and that same dark person turns into a vulnerable, regular ol’ multimillionaire guy. Katie Holmes, I was neither impressed nor disgusted with her performance, take her or leave her, doesn’t matter to me.  But the psychologist villain Dr. Crane played by Cillian Murphy, he’ll give you shivers with how evil he is! So before you rush out to see The Dark Knight Rises, dust off this 2005 film and remind yourself of how it all began.

Motherly Advice: I watched this film with my filters set on medium.  First let me say that if you are going to watch with kids under 13, be sure to set your filters on most or they will surely be visiting your room at 2am complaining of nightmares!  Batman Begins is the first of three movies that are just dark, dark movies.  Meaning, batman himself is dealing with some dark demons inside of him and seeks revenge by really beating down the slum of Gotham City.  So let the list begin: fighting, shooting, stabbing, falling off tall buildings, toxic drugs used to mentally derange it’s victims, and of course, BATS.  Notice, I haven’t mentioned a thing about sex or immodest clothing? That’s because it doesn’t exist in this film, it’s PG-13 rating is strictly due to violence.  I’d say the scariest part is when Dr. Crane drugs his victims and wears a gunny sack that has maggots coming out of it’s eye sockets, and has this really scary voice.  Scary stuff even for me.  Sorry for the kids, but I’d say this action thriller is for mature young adults 15 and up.

Trisha~ Love Michael Keaton as Batman, but Christian Bale may have him beat! 

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