Because I Said So

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Four Words You Never Want To Hear!

Imagine being young, single, attractive, and successful.  Now throw an over-bearing, un-approving mother into the mix.  Sounds dreadful! This is the life that Milly Wilder (Mandy Moore) lives.  Her meddling mother, Daphne Wilder (Diane Keaton) wants Milly to be happy AND in love, so she puts her daughter’s profile on an Internet dating site.  A skid halt over the line? I think so and so does Milly, leading to a detrimental falling out between mother and daughter.  Milly and Daphne must both decide to trust the other and their good intentions, or their biggest fight ever could lead to total estrangement.

Do you remember the last time you heard the phrase, “Because I said so.”? Chances are it was a LONG time ago and came out of the mouth of your mother.  Although it’s a phrase that I wouldn’t choose to ever hear, I think this film is cute, whimsical, and light-hearted.  Diane Keaton, the quasi-antagonist of the story, will get under your skin to the point where you’ll want to scream at the TV in raging annoyance, “JUST STAY OUT OF MILLY’S BUSINESS!!” While Milly on the other hand, will capture your heart with her sweet demure and steady persistence in finding the balance between her love life, and her family life.  Though the two are meant to drive each other crazy, I loved the closeness between mother and daughters (Milly has two other grown, married sisters).  A chic-flic that bids the question, how far is one willing to go for another loved one’s happiness.

Motherly Advice: I watched Because I Said So with my filters on medium.  Right off the bat you should be aware of a couple of things.  First is that both Milly and Daphne have very healthy sexual appetites.  Neither give a hoot about abstinence (not that a lot of movie characters do, but just so ya know) and Milly’s character is two timing with two guys.  Ok now on to the nitty gritty.  Literally within the first five minutes you’ll hear some vulgar conversation regarding the male anatomy.  You’ll see Milly in more than one compromising situation (sexually) not the act but the before and after-math. And like mother like daughter, the ending scene shows Daphne fully dressed, but clearly leading to an inappropriate sex scene.  Lastly, between Milly and her two sisters, there were about 5 scenes that showed them in their bras and underoos, yikes!  This film may be rated for 13 and up but with the all of the sensual conversations, and adult content I wouldn’t recommend Because I Said So for anyone under 17.

Trisha~ Answer to my 3 year old’s plea to “see” the computer: “No, Because I Said So!”

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