The Bourne Identity

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Looking for a spy thriller?  Look no further!

The Bourne Legacy is out in a couple of weeks and I am über-excited for it.  Normally a change up of the lead actor in a series would really deter me, but I’ve got to say I am quite pleased with their choice of Jeremy Renner.  This may not be the biggest blockbuster of the summer but I’m eagerly awaiting it! 

Jason Bourne (Matt Damon) is a man on the run without any recollection of who he is running from or why.  With a target on his back he investigates any clue he can to discover his true identity.  The search leads him to a Swiss bank which reveals he is a trained assassin for the CIA and he slowly begins to put the puzzle pieces together.  Seeking transportation to evade his chasers, Bourne enlists the help of down and out Marie (Franka Potente) who is just desperate enough to help him.

A baby faced Matt Damon plays a highly trained but somewhat vulnerable Bourne.  Potente, an attractive women but not an over the top beauty, like we usually see in other spy films, was a smart choice as leading lady.  The action is enhanced by Bourne’s skillful martial arts style fighting and a couple of adrenaline pumping car chase scenes, and the cat-and-mouse games that he plays with the CIA.  The camera work, the grey and wintry overtone, the authentic European locations, and the intense action leads off this thrilling series of movies.  If you haven’t given this one a chance be sure to and check out the others also, I loved them all!

Motherly Advice: Language, blasphemy, a steamy kissing scene and scenes with bloodier violence will be cut with filters set to “Most Filtering”.  Intense moments of action are what a spy movie is all about and you will get plenty of it.  Use of guns and physical confrontations that can lead to deaths are the name of the game, and honestly if all of it was filtered out it would really take away from the feel of the movie.  For violence I would recommend ages 14 and up.

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