Mirror Mirror

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This retelling of the classic story of Snow White stars Julia Roberts as the vain, cruel Queen who uses her power to gratify herself, impoverishing the subjects of her Kingdom. Her stepdaughter, Snow White, comes of age and beauty and discovers the evils the Queen has foisted upon the people. When a handsome prince arrives in town, the Queen wishes to marry him for his gold, while Snow White seeks his help to free her people.

ClearPlay In Action!

Mirror, Mirror is a family friendly film with hardly a thing to edit. The violence in the film is bloodless and cartoony, and besides a single religious exclamation, there is little to do in the language department, either. Appropriate for all audiences, especially with ClearPlay.

Is this Movie the Fairest of them All?…

One of two recent Snow White adaptations, Mirror, Mirror felt emotionally empty and dramatically bland. Julia Roberts tries her best, but she and the occasionally interesting set design can’t rescue a film where the dwarves are the most interesting characters. At no point did it feel like anything was at stake or anyone was in danger, and there was little humor or real drama to be had. The younger kids will likely enjoy this film more than the adults, who may find the struggle to stifle yawns the biggest conflict that Mirror, Mirror offers.
Brian Fuller—ClearPlay Reviewer Dwarf
Rated PG for some fantasy action and mild rude humor; 106 min; Directed by Tarsem Singh
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