In Theaters: Brave

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A Hairy Adventure

Princess Merida is tired of being told what to do and how to behave, but when an age old custom of her people forces her to choose a husband among boys she doesn't even know, she decides to change her fate. But will the change be one for the better or one far worse and is the price truly worth it?

Why can't Disney princesses just be happy with princess-hood? Apparently the role of princess really chaffs. Thankfully that chaffing typically produces some great fun stories and the story in Brave is no different. With laughs (mostly just at the beginning), inner turmoil, intense moments, life lessons, thick accents and crazy hair this is a Disney keeper. Not perfect like Tangled but a fun flick for the family, however, judging by Merida's mane I'd say Tangled would have been a fitting title for it.

Motherly Advice: Nudity is actually an issue in this one. For me personally and my kids I didn't think it was inappropriate but you may feel differently. In a scene where the men are all stuck on a roof they must make a rope from their skirts to get down and we see them all walking away with bare bums. Then at the end we see the three baby princes running around in their bare bums. At one point the Queen explains to her husband that she is naked beneath her blanket and would like to be given some privacy, after which he stares at her blanket and she playfully tells him to stop it. Your call of course. This film has a big, mean, scary bear in it. I had to cover my 6 year old's eyes (he's pretty 'sensitive' to intense things) but my 3 and 9 year old were fine. Just be aware for your little ones who scare easily that it is there but it's pretty obvious when the bear will appear so you have plenty of time to brace them. This one should be just fine for your whole family if the above things do not bother you butt (pun intended) ClearPlay should be able to filter out those cheeks if you need.

Danielle'- ClearPlay Willow the Wisp Guide to Great Flicks

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