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Reality of TV Movies

Ryan (Jason Priestly) and Todd (Bradley Cooper) have been best friends since before Ryan was a super star actor and Todd was his manager. But when Ryan's image is harming his career Todd does what any best friend would do in this situation, he sets up a reality TV show that will let America choose a wife for Ryan. Too bad America has such great taste in women because Todd might want to keep America's choice for himself.

I love movies folks, but TV movies are where I draw the line. Unless I really am in the mood to loose faith in the power of story telling, in which case I'll turn on the Hallmark Channel and prepare to fight off the urge to tear my eyes out. BUT, and there is a but here, this TV movie surprised me.
Our romantic couple were both charming and while we know Cooper is a good actor Emma Caulfield wasn't too bad herself and their chemistry was ok. But the real saving aspect of the film is the ending. While the movie itself was predictable and cheesy, the ending caught me by surprise and I shamefully caught myself actually smiling at a TV movie. So, if you're a Rom-Com fanatic, pick this one up at Redbox, you won't be completely disappointed.

Motherly Advice: Even though it was made for TV I did set my filters to Medium for everything. There was still some cleavage from minor actresses and Caulfield wears a strapless dress. There's no sex but it is implied that Ryan is quite the ladies man and there is one conversation that implies something of the premarital sex nature but I don't think younger teens would really catch on. The other thing you'll want to watch for is the overall plot of the movie. Going on a TV show to find a spouse. Some of the contestants are being dishonest as is the bachelor. As far as content goes I'd say your 15 year old romantics and up could enjoy this.

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