While You Were Sleeping

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 Romantic Comedy Neigh Sayers, Give this One A Chance I Dare You! 

Lucy (Sandra Bullock) leads a simple and routine life as a Chicago Tollbooth Operator.  The highlight of her day is seeing the man she has a crush on walk through the train station.  While admiring him one day she observes him being mugged which leads to him falling onto the train tracks.  Of course this wouldn’t be much of a story if she didn’t save his life, so she does.  At the hospital a nurse assumes she is his fiancée and instead of correcting her, Lucy goes with it.
  When Peter’s (Peter Gallagher) family arrives, her deception quickly spins out of control and the family quickly begins to welcome her.  Now she is unsure how to right her wrong especially when and if the unconscious Peter wakes up and knows the truth.   

Although it may be hard to believe that a young beautiful woman is living a sad existence in a toll booth, she is so darn likeable that you just want to keep watching.  Bill Pullman, who plays Peter’s brother, isn’t buying what Lucy is selling and starts his investigation.  The whole cast is fun to watch and add to the many funny moments. 

Motherly Advice:  My filters were set to medium but turn your language filters to most filtering to cut a couple of words that remained. The plot of the movie is based on a lie, a lie by omission but still a lie.  Should Lucy have set them all straight right away? Of course, but then it would have never played out the way it did.  Violence plays a small role when Peter is shown being robbed and then falls on the train tracks to what appears to be his demise.  Lucy’s neighbor Joey Jr. has his eyes set on her and flirts by offering some unwanted sexual innuendos but he is pretty harmless.  A discussion around the legitimacy of Lucy and Peter’s engagement leads to an explanation of Peter’s genitalia; nothing is seen, just briefly mentioned. A romantic comedy wouldn’t live up to its title without a kiss or two but that is about it, there are no unnecessary sex scenes or excessive skin shown, phew. Set filters for most filtering and I would say no younger than 10 for this one.

Hannah Movie Mom who is a big Sandra Bullock fan but not of her hair in this movie!

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