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One Small Step for Mankind, One GIANT Step For an Ant!

It’s Summer time…finally! And yes we get the sunshine, warm temperatures, lazy basking in the sun, but less we forget all of the ANTS??? But after watching this Dreamworks mega moneymaker Antz, I’ve learned that perhaps Ants aren’t so bad after all, especially an ant named Z! 

An average day for Z (Woody Allen) means waking up, carrying dirt and ummmmm that’s pretty much it.  And all of the other thousands of ants who do the same thing have just accepted their fate.  But not Z! In one day he “accidentally” meets and falls for the princess (Sharon Stone), becomes a war hero, and discovers that the General Mandible (Gene Hackman) is plotting to divide the ant colony into two sections: superior, and inferior.  His evil plan is to kill the inferior section.  Z now feels it is up to him to save the colony, defeat the evil General, and win the heart of his beloved princess. All in a day’s work really!

Antz is all about the special effects! The storyline is captivating and the little love triangle is cute but all of that pales in comparison to giving us viewers the real perspective of what it would be like to be an ant. Like when the kid is looking through a magnifying glass at the ants and the sun catches it just right, frying anything in it’s path. Or when Z and the princess are stuck on the bottom of a child’s shoe.  What it must feel like to be that small?!?! Truthfully though, It’s a pretty intense movie and one that, though it’s animated, would not be appropriate for younger kids, but a fun family film for older kids and parents alike!

Motherly Advice: I watched the first half of Antz with my filters on least and saw battles that include a lot of punching, weapons of mass destruction, violence, horrifying giant bugs, and swear words galore. Then I switched my filters to medium and took a deep sigh of relief because there was no more swearing and the battles were toned down enough to be able to handle the awe and horror that I was thinking in my head which was: Aren’t cartoons supposed to be for any age? Literally I sat down to watch this with my husband and 3 year old and turned it off after just a short time because it was like we were watching a slightly toned down version of a real live war movie! So my best advice as a mother is to watch with filters on at least medium, and be picky with your age appropriateness! In my opinion this film is best for ages 10 and up.

Trisha~I know I said maybe ants aren’t that bad but I still freak out when I see them marching through my kitchen!!

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