Men In Black

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The Galaxy Defenders

With the release of the third and newest installment of Men In Black, I thought we’d dig out the first one and see where and how it all began. Agent Jay has just left the NYPD, leaving behind the world of regular old human crimes, he’s just received the promotion of a lifetime, he’s been recruited by Agent Kay to join the world of alien criminology right here on earth.  Agents Jay and Kay have uncovered a secret plot that will end in aliens destroying our world.  It’s up to these two alien monitoring agents to track and eliminate this intergalactic terrorist threat, um and save the planet at the same time.

Not your typical Alien movie is what I would tell you if you were to ask me. Men In Black is of course about a war between humans and aliens. It also has aliens of all shapes and sizes, ranging from the super cute to the super freaky.  This film also has agents who monitor the planet making sure that the humans live pleasantly ignorant lives. All things that we’ve seen in other Alien movies, except Men In Black is f-u-n-n-y! It’s a comedy that will have you laughing all the way through. Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones are brilliant; they are incredibly dynamic and just fun to watch.  I don’t know how the second of the series did because I honestly didn’t see it, but watching the first one again reminded me of how fun the movie is, and now I’m excited to Netflix the second film, and then I’m off to the theatre to watch the 3rd and final movie of the Men In Black series.

Motherly Advice: I watched Men In Black with my filters on Most because well I’ve seen it before and I wanted to watch it in the eyes of a 13 year old, basically to see if it would be too scary.  Here’s the “skinny”: LOTS and LOTS of ammunition. Not only human guns, but alien weaponry as well.  And lots of shooting!! Next, though the film was made in 1997 and that’s ions ago in the world of cinema technological advances, the aliens are really quite impressive, AND quite scary! A few disturbing scenes include one where an alien literally de-skins (luckily you won’t see that part, just the aftermath) a body, numerous aliens of all sorts flying, trying to attack Kay or Jay, exploding in slimy gunk! Lastly I should probably make note of the last scene.  The “bad” alien ends up *spoiler alert* a giant cockroach and so he’s big and slimy and there are thousands of cockroaches that follow him. It’s disgusting.  With my filters set on MOST I thought this movie would be appropriate for 12 and up, but I still just think with all of the intense fighting scenes, and scary aliens I would recommend Men In Black for ages 14 and up.

Trisha~Am I the only one that get’s Will Smith’s hit single “Men In Black” stuck in my head every time I talk about this film??

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