Jeff, Who Lives at Home

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Despite the title, Jeff, Who Lives at Home is not a slacker comedy about an aimless loser, though it toys with that thought at the beginning. Instead, Jeff (Jason Segel) is a bit of a romantic, believing in connectedness, signs, and destiny. What starts as an errand for his mom (Susan Sarandon) turns into a Zen-like experience with his adult brother (Ed Helms) as they learn from each other the importance of the present.

ClearPlay In Action!

Suspected adultery and sex are alluded to, but most of ClearPlay’s efforts are directed toward language and lewd references. ClearPlay cuts nearly 40 F-words, as well as arguments about sex and scatological humor. Immodest clothes at a sports bar and a scene of a man on a toilet are also cut.

Will I wish Jeff stayed at home?…

There is something wonderful about stumbling into a little, miracle movie like Jeff, Who Lives at Home. Eschewing spectacle, the movie is shot like a slice of life, not particularly funny or exciting but always interesting. Its very banality seems to shake the viewer by the lapels as if to say, “Start living your life!” If character and heart mean more to you than explosions and special effects, give this movie a chance. See it because it’s different than anything else out there.
Marty Nabhan—ClearPlay Slacker
Rated R for language including sexual references and some drug use; 83 min; Directed by Jay Duplass and Mark Duplass
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