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Stale-Movie Summer? "I Can Fix That"

Stanley Yelnates has been wrongly accused of stealing some tennis shoes and finds himself in boys' detention Camp Green Lake. Except there's no camping. And no lake. The boys here are forced to dig holes all day every day in search of something the warden wants. But what is it? And can Stanely escape the streak of bad luck suffered by his grandfathers before him?

Can't believe I missed this 2003 classic!! It's like a more mature Sandlot or a more believable (and cleaner) Goonies. There's good guys and bad guys, friendships, enemies, romance and back stories galore. Then, as the cherry on the cinematic sundae, everything comes together in the end the way only top notch storytellers can pull off. Sigourney Weaver makes a pretty good evil lady and who knew Jon Voight could be such goon? Shia LeBeouf isn't at his funniest (anyone know he used to do stand up comedy as a kid?) but he's still fun to watch. This is a really great flick for summer!

Motherly Advice: Even with filters set to Most for violence and bloodshed you'll see two instances of people being shot at close range. Their extremely non-graphic, one being at quite a distance where you can see the gun shoot and the body fall. The other you only see the shooter. However, you will see non-graphic dead bodies. The fact that people are shooting and killing other people for no other purpose than to be bad is kinda disturbing for me to watch with young kids. Also the boys in the this boys camp are kinda mean to Stanley and there are several instances of bullying and one fight scene. Also a boy is seen hitting an adult in the face with a shovel. So, because of the violence I'm recommending this for ages 10 and up.

Danielle'- Movie Fan "For Always and E-terrr-nitee!" 
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