John Carter

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Disney presents a retelling of Edgar Rice Burroughs’s science fiction classic that inspired generations of storytellers and filmmakers. Based on the 1917 novel, A Princess of Mars, John Carter tells the tale of a Virginia cavalryman mysteriously transported to Mars to find a planet at war and a beautiful princess, Dejah Thoris, in need of a hero to save her people. John, endowed with increased strength and agility, struggles to find his purpose and his heart on an alien world, while Dejah’s enemies plot the fall of her beloved city, Helium.

ClearPlay In Action!

John Carter contains about fifteen profanities, most of the mild variety. ClearPlay trims a few violent spots, including an amputation or two. There’s no sex, though Dejah’s outfits are on the revealing side. Filtered, John Carter is a great adventure for the family.

Is John Carter Worth a Trip to Mars?…

John Carter took me back to my youth when I fell in love with the likes of Star Wars and Indiana Jones because they were about wonder and adventure and romance. The critics tended to dog on this movie for some unfathomable reason, but I found it fun and engaging. The best compliment I can give to a movie is that it transported me somewhere else and made me forget real life for a while. John Carter did that for me. Beautiful effects. Fun characters. Plenty of action. Give it a go! Then read the book. Or the other way round.
Brian Fuller—A Thern ClearPlay Reviewer
Rated PG-13 for intense sequences of violence and action; 132 min; Directed by Andrew Stanton
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