Safe House

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In Safe House, young CIA agent Matt Weston (Ryan Reynolds) has manned the same boring safe house in loneliness for a year, yearning for a field job or at least wanting a visitor. Boredom ends when he hosts the CIA’s most wanted rogue agent Tobin Frost (Denzel Washington), and a group of assassins attacks the fortification. Weston escapes with Frost and races to the next safe house with killers at his heels and an enigma by his side.

ClearPlay In Action!

Violent action is the name of the game in Safe House, with nearly constant gunplay, fighting, killing and mayhem. The language is rather tame by action standards, as ClearPlay cuts about fewer than 20 instances, and only one F–word. A scene of partial nudity and implied intercourse is trimmed. Although the bloody aspects of violence are edited, even the ClearPlayed version should be reserved for mature teens and above.

How dangerous is Safe House?…

Safe House is essentially a two-hour chase scene. That’s a good thing. What it lacks in plot intricacy it makes up for in bold action scenes. Oh, and lots of fighting. It has the feel of Three Days of the Condor and the Bourne spy thrillers, though maybe not as good as those. But Reynolds and Washington are a pleasure to watch.
Marty Nabhan—ClearPlay Fixer
Rated R for strong violence throughout and some language; 102 min; Directed by Daniel Espinosa
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