Family Movie Night Activity ~ Mr Popper’s Penguins

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“I’m Not Coming In To Work Today… I Have A Pest Problem!”

Tom Popper inherits a penguin from his deceased father. When he tries to return it, he ends up getting five more! They start to grow on him, especially since his kids love them, but taking care of them starts interfering with his work and other areas of his life. With deadlines to meet, neighbors to dodge and kids to please… will Popper be able to keep the Tuxedoe’d Troupe or should he just ship them off to the nearest zoo? Gather everyone around for a Family Movie Night Activity and find out! Not sure if this film is for you, check out the review here.
Movie Snacks
*Tom’s boss wants him to try and talk the owner of Tavern On The Green into selling the historic venue to them. Serve up your own historic meal by serving choices from the restaurant for your family. Let them pick from a printed off copy of their menu and enjoy a similar meal while saving quite a bit of money. (I know I can make a cheeseburger for a lot less than $24!)
*Everyone knows that Penguins like to eat fish. Broil up your favorite kind of fish for dinner or even make simple tuna fish sandwiches, fish sticks or fish filet sandwiches with tartar sauce. Remember, you can’t ever go wrong by having a bowl of Swedish fish to snack on either!
*For some cute Penguin themed snacks, you could make up some cupcakes decorated like penguins or cream cheese penguins to serve with crackers. If you want to do more than just eat them, let your whole family help making them!

Must Pause Moments
*At the beginning of  the show, Tom Jr. & Sr. use Radio handles or nicknames. Let each person come up with their own Radio name and be sure to use them through out the night. Speaking of names, if you’re watching the movie for the first time, stop the movie when the penguins are being introduced to see if your family can guess their names or see what names they would have chosen for them.
*Popper’s assistant, Pippi, perfectly pronounces a plethora of  “P” words. Print off some tongue twisters and see if your family is as good at keeping their words straight as Pippi is.
*Near the end of the movie, Popper comes “running in” in slow motion. Pause the show and play a game of slow motion charades and see who pulls it off the best.

Other Activities
*Popper turns down the heat and changes his whole house into one big ice fort. You could decorate your own living room with white sheets, tablecloths and pillows to make it look like you’re all in an ice fort! Be sure to stock up on pretend snow balls (Styrofoam balls or even balled up socks would work) and have an indoor snowball fight.
*Play a round of Birdie Bowling by decorating the pins (or 2 liter soda bottles) to look like penguins then see if you can knock them all down at once. You could also have a penguin race, by having each person put a balloon between their knees and waddle across the room as fast as they can.
*Popper and Amanda go ice skating together and have a lot of fun. Take your family ice skating and you’re sure to enjoy yourselves just as much as they did.
*Popper finds out that the penguins like to watch old movies with Charlie Chaplin in them. See if you can dig up a Charlie Chaplin film or just watch a clip or two online and see if you and  your family enjoy them as much as the penguins.
*If you liked the movie, you should be sure to read the book by Richard & Florence Atwater. It was retroactively given a 1939 Newberry Honor in 1971. 

*LyndiLou* ~ Movie Mom Who Doesn’t Know WHAT She’d Do If A Penguin Showed Up At Her House

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