Becoming Jane

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There’s a New Mr. Darcy In Town!

Summer time is officially here.  Which as a child meant endless hours reading Jane Austen novels…Ok fine, even as an adult, summertime smells of Jane Austen books, speaks of thithers and youfore’s and all the other 18th century lingo. I love it all!  But even as an avid Jane Austen reader, I’d never seen this portrayal of Jane Austen, BEFORE she was J-a-n-e A-u-s-t-e-n!!   

Jane (Anne Hathaway) is part of the lower class Englanders and her parents therefore spend endless hours worrying about and scheming to find a match that will ensure her a future of upper-class society and riches galore.  But even at 20 years of age, Jane has a stubborn nature and true to that nature she falls for the penniless lawyer Irishman Tom Lefroy (James McAvoy).  A love that could seemingly conquer all is what the two feel they have found until Jane learns of Tom’s reputation and his secrets.  Deep dark secrets that may tear their love apart…forever.

Yes I’m an avid Jane Austen fan and so yes you are expecting me to say that I loved this film and rightly so! I adore this movie with the exception of one thing: the casting of Anne Hathaway for Jane Austen!! I just couldn’t buy it.  Maybe it’s that her smile was too big and too white? I know it’s absurd, but I just wish they would have chosen someone more like Emily Blunt…ooh ooh, wouldn’t she have been wonderful?? Ok ‘nuff said about that! I still loved the movie and James McAvoy was in a word: exquisite! The story itself will get inside your belly and give you butterflies and make you wish that the movie would never end! 4 out of 4 stars from this movie mom!

Motherly Advice: My Clearplay settings were on lowest for Becoming Jane and it was pretty clean.  The only thing to even make small mention of is the costumes that all the ladies wear, which were true to the style at that time, low cut dresses.  Also, Tom Lefroy has kind of a shady side in parts of the film and you’ll see him in the midst of bar fights, and in one scene he’s drinking alcohol. That’s it though and therefore I would think this film would be appropriate for ages 10 and up.

Trisha~Yep, hours and hours of reading about that prideful Mr. Darcy!

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