Mr. Popper's Penguins

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Really Quite Rentable

It's the age old story of a man who is too wrapped up in work and less than popular with his estranged kids. But when his own estranged father passes away, leaving him with six penguins, Mr. Popper has no choice but to change the way he lives and the temperature of his apartment.

As over done as this plot theme is, it was refreshing to see a Dad who actually wanted to hang out with his kids and a divorced couple who didn't want to rip each other's throats out. An added bonus is that not too much time was spent on that part of story, we kind of jumped right into the good penguin stuff. This movie was really cute but not really buyable. Jim Carrey provided a couple of laugh out loud moments and wasn't annoying, plus the penguin effects were really great. Pippi was my favorite, I got a kick out her repetitive P problem. It's a fun family night rental, go for it while it's at Redbox!

Motherly Advice: Kudos to Jim Carrey for going it pretty darn clean here. The only filters you'll really need are your Blasphemy filters (for about 10 uses of God) and your language filter for really only one or two other 'mild' profanities. If you are sensitive to seeing penguins poop then your Vulgarity filter will need to be put into play here. I don't mind the poop or the farting that one penguin does a lot of so the Blasphemy filter was perfect for our family. There is one penguin named Lovey who ends up enabling three of the other penguins to have eggs but the only hint to that is when the penguins lay their eggs and Mr. Popper looks at Lovey accusingly and Lovey goes all bashful. Honestly, with a few filters this movie is fun for the whole family. All weekend since we watched it we've enjoyed seeing our two year old re-enact Mr. Popper's slow motion entrance towards the end of the movie. If nothing else the movie was worth renting just too see our little guy entertain us!

Danielle'- Movie Mom Managing Mounds of Mischievous Miscreants

PS- Has anyone read this book? How was it and how did the movie compare?
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