This Means War

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CIA Agents Tuck and FDR are best friends until they inadvertently fall in love with the same woman during a little forced downtime. All bets are off as they use their unique skills and the resources of the CIA to try to outdo each other and win her affections, the game getting uglier and meaner as neither can seem to get the upper hand.

ClearPlay In Action!

Besides a fair amount of swearing (obligatory PG-13 F word included), ClearPlay has to deal with a lot of sexuality in this movie, including plenty of sexual talk, sexual situations, and a couple of scenes of implied sex. With ClearPlay these will be toned down or taken out, but the adult nature of the relationships and amoral sexual stance inherent in this film disqualify it for family viewing.

Does This Means War Mean Business?…

There are some laugh–out–loud funny moments in the film, and the chemistry between the actors is spot on. Despite a strong setup, the plot and the payoff are a bit weak. My main gripe with this film is that they took what could have been a really fun romantic comedy and over sexualized it (a common trend these days). ClearPlay tries to rescue it, and if you can handle a fair number of jumps and skips, you can still enjoy some of the comical situations.
Brian Fuller—ClearPlay CIA Love Spy
Rated PG-13 for sexual content including references, some violence and action, and language; 97 min; Directed by McG
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