Red Tails

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The Tuskegee Airmen, an all–African American squadron of WWII pilots, have been getting menial missions during the war, but finally get a chance to prove themselves as bomber escorts. Their courageous rise and distinguished service is the topic of Red Tails, a somewhat undistinguished retelling of their story.

ClearPlay In Action!

Red Tails goes easy on the profanity, at least as compared to other war movies. ClearPlay still has to clean up nearly 60 instances of language, and trims some of the bloody images of aerial warfare violence. While plenty of violent acts are still implied, you might find the story important enough to share with mature younger family members.

Does Red Tails soar, or is it strictly earthbound?…

If you’ve never seen a war picture, or a motley–group–rises–against–the–odds movie, Red Tails may appeal to you. Unfortunately, it feels a lot like many other movies of this type, particularly those made about 60 years ago. Cliché–ridden, with stock characters and typical gung–ho dialogue, Red Tails has some exciting if unlikely aerial sequences, and could be a nice way to introduce Civil Rights struggles to kids. Nevertheless, prepare for turbulence and a bumpy flight.
Marty Nabhan—ClearPlay Flyboy
Rated PG-13 for some sequences of war violence; 125 min; Directed by Anthony Hemingway
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