Stepford Wives

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Every Wife’s Dream? Or Every Wife’s Nightmare?

What would you consider the perfect town?  Maybe Stepford, Connecticut? It consists of the elite, the beautiful, wives who do nothing except clean their homes, cook for their families, and spend every ounce of energy on making sure they look pristine.  A town that after Joanna Eberhart (Nicole Kidman) has a nervous breakdown decides to move to in order to start a fresh new life.  Upon her arrival she sees that everything is perfect, perhaps too perfect.  She knows instinctively that something is wrong and she and her new found friend Bobbie (Bette Midler) take it upon themselves to find out what is amiss in Stepford…. before it’s too late!

Brace yourselves! I’m about to say something shocking.  Every time I watch Stepford Wives , I dream of being one of the wives.  Ok well, sort of.  The immaculate landscaping, the gorgeous homes, the fancy technology that actually TELLS me when I need milk, the day spa where all the wives go to work out and get pampered.  Tell me, what about that doesn’t sound good? Ok, ok, so the whole robot thing is a bit creepy, and the lack of spunk, sass, and personality sure would get old, but hey I could get used to it right? That’s the beauty of this film; you watch it as if you are a kid in a candy shop until you figure out what is going on, and all of a sudden my modest house, unkempt grass, and a fridge that doesn’t tell me my grocery list don’t seem so bad after all. Fun film, twists and turns a-plenty, and eye candy to boot!

Motherly Advice: I watched Stepford Wives with my filters on most and I didn’t have to endure any swearing, sex scenes, immodest clothing,  etc.  I did however see a bunch of men smoking cigars and drinking alcohol.  The most disturbing part of watching this film with my filters is the scene where a hostile man opens fire and tries to shoot Joanna.  It was surprising and actually quite shocking.  One part that is maybe just a little awkward is when one of the wives that is “malfunctioning” and in order to “fix” her, the boss-man yanks her neck as if he’s trying to kill her.  I think watching this film with your filters on, it would be perfectly appropriate for ages 13+.

Trisha~Still can’t get over a fridge that tells me what food we need! 

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