Game of Thrones: Season One

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In the land of the Seven Kingdoms Robert Baratheon sits on a throne he stole. So when you're surrounded by people who helped you steal that throne, who can you really trust? Eddard Stark, that's who. Eddard, who is all honor and loyalty and remembers who you were before you became a throne stealer. But is all that enough to keep a man safe when there are darker things at play? Sprinkle some secrets, war play, mystery, a family born of dragons, the fantastical dire wolves and a wall a mile high that keeps the things in your nightmares away and you've got yourself some juicy story telling.
As a lover of stories in all their forms, be it books, movies, theatre or the made up excuses for why my kids can't clean up their rooms I love me some juicy story telling. And this my friends, is story telling at it's (filtered) best.

This HBO series is based on the three book series by George R. R. Martin. The characters are many and they are complex and scrumptiously unpredictable. Some characters you love on first meeting, others grow on you while you still can't decide their motives and still others will bring an involuntary leer to your face as you watch. There's war, there's love, loyalty, betrayal and drama, drama, drama. Plus the added bonus of fantasy with spine tingling horror around the corner. Mr. Martin knows how to tell not just one juicy story at a time but like 12 and you find yourself becoming thickly devoted to each one. Having read the first book I can truly say that every actor carries out their role splendidly and creators David Benioff and D.B. Weiss did a terrific job of staying within the book's true story (as much as they could within the confines of time and budget). What more can I say? It's delectable, below.

Motherly Advice: My advice? It's HBO so set your filters on Most for Sex and Nudity because you'll see lots of both in full doses. The book was bad enough in this area so when you add HBO's lack of morals to it...let's just say that filter developers over at ClearPlay must have taken at least two weeks to filter this one. Also if your a little squeamish, set up your Violence and Bloodshed filters to Medium (I watched it on Least and wish I had set if up to Medium). If your really squeamish, don't watch this series at all. Even with you filters set up you'll still see violence and implied sex of all kinds so I really truly mean this when I say that this series is for ADULTS ONLY.

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