ClearPlay Classic: Field of Dreams

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You may never look at a cornfield the same!

Ray (Kevin Costner) an Iowa farmer,  was walking in his field when “the voice” first speaks to him.  Assuming he is going a bit crazy, Ray ignores the voices, until he sees a vision of a baseball field in his valuable cornfield and hears “if you build it, they will come”.  With the support of his wife Annie (Amy Madigan) he does the unthinkable and builds a baseball field on his farm. After seeing a vision of baseball legend Shoeless Joe Jackson in his field, Ray thinks he has done what he was supposed to, until the voice kept nudging him on.  The promptings take him to some unexpected places and people. 

Anyone thinking this is just a baseball film will quickly learn it uses baseball more as a connection between Ray and his youth; the story is really about faith, dreams, loss and the relationship of family and all of its complexities.  The acting is very natural and engaging to watch with some pretty great actors too, like Ray Liotta and James Earl Jones just to name a couple.  You may find yourself wondering how this preposterous idea for a film actually works but it does and quite wonderfully.  I found myself very invested in Ray following the clues and guidance by the mystery voice and really how much faith he showed in doing so.  Ray was about to lose his farm but he blindly followed anyway to bring peace to others and ultimately himself too.  When Terrance Mann (Jones) delivers his “People will come” speech to Ray it gives the audience a sense as to why baseball was selected as the backdrop. A great magical movie! 

Motherly Advice:  Definitely turn your Language and Blasphemy filters on High as to cut out the numerous unpleasant words.  The most you will see with your Mushy and Nudity filters on high is Ray and his wife innocently lying in bed where he does have his shirt off and a goodnight kiss is exchanged.  A reference to their premarital days by Ray refers to him having “smoked some grass”.  Annie gets into it with another parent at a PTA meeting where they have a name calling debate.  Karin, Ray and Annie’s daughter, falls off the bleachers while watching a game and chokes on a hot dog, no worries though she is just fine after help from a doctor.  Appropriate for ages 8 and up and honestly I wouldn’t go much younger because the depth of the story wouldn’t be understood. 

Hannah In the 90’s while on a family trip to Iowa we took a detour and visited the movie site!

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