Tweens & Teens Movie Night Activity - August Rush

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...All You Have To Do Is Listen.

Evan has a Mom & Dad… he just needs to find them and he’s going to let music lead him to them. Louis (Evan’s Father) is looking for Lyla, and Lyla (Evan’s Mother) is looking for Evan, and Evan is learning all about music and just where it can really take him. Gather your family for a magical story about faith, love and music!

Wear While Watching:
*Decide whether you want to wear your formal concert attire or your best rock concert clothing or favorite band t-shirt. Lyla wears long flowing dresses when she performs but Louis is a lot more casual. While watching this movie, be sure to dress for the occasion
*When Evan leaves the boys home he wanders New York wearing a hooded sweatshirt. Grab your hoodies and snuggle up to watch the show. You could get really creative and have everyone draw, stencil or sew their performer name on the back of their shirt. To create your own August Rush name, use the month of your ½ birthday or the day of the week you were born, then choose a verb that begins with the first letter your first or middle name. For example, March Lounge or Saturday Echo.

Home Theater Décor:
*Decorate your movie area to look like you’re hosting a concert or recital. Have chairs arranged for the audience, print up programs to detail the events of the evening and have instruments and sheet music around to accent the musical themes of the movie.
*Watch the movie outside, to feel what it would like to have been at the concert in Central Park. Be sure to hang wind chimes around the yard in honor of the show as well.

Movie Munchies:
*Arthur might have been scolded for grabbing a pizza for dinner, but you won’t be! After everyone has enjoyed a few slices, serve some Sheet Music Sheet Cake for dessert. Use your favorite cake recipe (or mix) and decorate it with a musical staff and notes.
*Evan hears his case worker whistle and wants to do it too. Pass out Whistle Pops to everyone for sweet cinema inspired treat. See if you can copy any of the tunes from the movie with your sucker.
*In August’s Rhapsody wine glasses filled to different levels are used to make music. Serve your drinks (water, soda, smoothies, anything!) in wine glasses and see if you can make beverage music as well! If you can’t get them to sing by circling your finger around the top like they do in the movie, clink them with utensils for a different sound.

Movie Inspired Adventures:
*After the movie, if you’re still feeling musical why not schedule a trip to the Symphony or another musical concert. While I can’t guarantee you’ll run into a long lost love or relative, I can bet that you’ll enjoy the event and the music played at it.
*Visit the craft or hardware store and get supplies for making your own wind chimes. If you’re not in a crafting mood, you can just purchase a finished set of wind chimes and hang them in your home or yard. Be sure to put them somewhere they will be moved by small breezes or hang them low enough to be able to ring them as you walk by.
*While it seemed easy and almost magical for Evan and his parents to find each other, there are many others who are lost or missing and it hasn’t been as easy for them. Do what you can to help by volunteering or spreading the word for groups like The National Center for Missing & Exploited Children. Wouldn’t it be great if more families were reunited with one another!

*LyndiLou* - Movie Mom & Novice Listener 

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