One for the Money

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A woman (Katherine Heigl) desperate for money vies for contract work from a bail bondsman, and discovers that a big payoff could come if she brings in a former lover (Jason O’Mara). Heigl a bounty hunter? That’s just one of the – Wait a minute! Isn’t this the same movie as The Bounty Hunter? Did somebody think we wouldn’t notice?!

ClearPlay In Action!

More than 100 instances of language are trimmed from One for the Money by ClearPlay. Partial nudity is also cut (an elderly man’s behind; Heigl in a shower), and suggestive scenes of innuendo, such as when Heigl is being wired for sound. Some bloody gunshots are trimmed as well. Even with all that filtering, sadly ClearPlay can do nothing to make this a better movie.

Should someone show me the Money?…

The problem isn’t that One for the Money is derivative. There’s plenty of room in the cinematic universe for movies that cover the same topic … as long as they’re good. One for the Money isn’t particularly funny (unless lines like “We’re ancient history, like the pyramids, baby” make you double over with laughter), thrilling, action–filled, or romantic. It’s just kind of there. If you’re a big Heigl fan, enjoy her Jersey accent. Otherwise, don’t add any more money to this one.
Marty Nabhan—Skipping Bail for ClearPlay
Rated PG-13 for violence, sexual references and language, some drug material and partial nudity; 91 min; Directed by Julie Anne Robinson
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