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A Movie About Second Chances

It’s the time of the Great Depression, 25% of the American population is unemployed and the rest are hanging on by a thread to keep a paying job.  In other words, it’s a time where hope is a scant and frivolous thing.  The country needed a hero, maybe even two heroes to restore the American pride.  Enter, Seabiscuit (the horse) and his jockey Red Pollard (Toby Maguire), both down on their luck but both fierce fighters.  An unlikely team that may have begun as somewhat of a joke, but ends up winning it all! This true story of courage, hope, and resilience will have you laughing, crying, and wishing it would never end!

I’ve seen Seabiscuit once before and it was a long time ago so viewing it now, years later, was like watching it for the first time! I can’t believe how young Tobey Maquire is, and yet still delivers a stellar performance.  Jeff Bridges is also amazing as a highly ambitious car maker that gets into the horse business after his son gets into a tragic accident.  But my favorite thing about this movie is the message it sends of hope in times of trouble.  Maybe so many of us can relate because of our country’s current economic status, seeing a horse that is tiny but thinks he’s huge, and a jockey that is huge but thinks he’s tiny. Fighting against all odds to win it all, it’s awe-inspiring.  Seabiscuit is a perfect movie for family night *see notes below* and is based on second chances, so just as I did, you should also give Seabiscuit a second chance.

Motherly Advice: I watched Seabiscuit with all of my filters set at medium and while this movie boasts of being a family film, I think this is only the case if your filters are set at most. Because at medium I heard at least three “sh”words and one “d” word, also Red takes on some fights in order to pay rent and they are pretty rough and show quite a bit of blood and bruises.  Next, one of the main character’s son dies, and is really very sad and tragic.  Lastly and maybe the most disturbing, and I literally grabbed my remote to see if my filters were still enabled which they were, and here’s what I saw (again with medium filters) Red has a lady friend that he pays for “relations” (aka: prostitute) and it shows her from the backside taking off her negligee, and then (yes it gets worse) it shows her full front view on the reflection of the shiny head board that Red is laying on. I know, shocking right?!?! Therefore I recommend this movie for ages 13+ as long as the filters are set on most, most, most!!

Trisha~I couldn’t help that I kept waiting for the spider webs to fling from Red’s palms!

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