Family Movie Night Activity - Shark Tale

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You Don’t Have To Live At The Top Of The Reef To Be Somebody

Oscar is a fun loving, whale washing, dreamer who just wants to live life at the top of the reef… to really be somebody. He finds himself there when he tricks everyone into thinking he’s the Shark Slayer, but starts to realize that living life as a big shot doesn’t mean he’s always off the hook with his real friends and enemies. Watch this under water adventure with our whole family and you’re sure to soak up boatloads of fun!

Movie Snacks
*To surprise Angie, Oscar brings Krispy Kelp doughnuts. Grab some doughnuts for your family and be sure to have some bottled water with them, to prove how great Oscars idea really was.
*If Lucky Day had won the seahorse race, Oscar would have won a million clams. Serve up some Million Clam Chowder for dinner along with some Sea Biscuits for the perfect race inspired meal.
*For a sweet treat be sure to grab some Gummi Sharks & Swedish Fish. You could even make some blue Jell-o in clear tumblers before the movie, and serve them during the show with some of the gummy treats on top.
*If you’re feeling extra creative you can follow this tutorial and make your own pearls, just like the pink pearl Angie loans to Oscar. 

Must Pause Moments
*The kids in Oscars part of the reef are always tagging stuff with graffiti. Print off these coloring pages and see how artistic you can be.
*When Lucky Day, the Sea Horse, trips in his race they play it in slow motion. Pause the movie and let each person take a turn doing their best reenactment of the slow motion trip and see how can make the silliest slow motion faces. 
*Oscar is the Reef’s new super hero. As the crowd chants for the Shark Slayer, let each of your family members pick their own fishy hero name. Be sure to test it out by chanting it loud and clear for all to hear.

Other Activities
*To really get into the movie, have your family dress like Oscar. He wears his colorful hat, gold chain necklaces and sunglasses. This will be the perfect attire for learning how to dance like Oscar (by using the special features) and the other characters.
*Hold your own Sea horse races by having your family face around the yard, track or even the pool. You could even have each of you come up with silly racing names. If you’re not able to race yourself, then draw or print off some pictures of sea horses. Line them up on the floor, table or counter and then use drinking straws to blow them to the finish line. 
*Oscar works at the Whale Wash. Follow his lead and give your car a good scrub down with the whole family. Be sure to crank up the tunes by listening to Bob Marley and the rest of the upbeat music from this great soundtrack. Have some fun while you get the chores done… Shark Tale style!

*LyndiLou* Movie Mom Who Tries Not To Worry About A Thing, Cause Every Little Thing's Gonna Be Alright!

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