Family Movie Night Activity - Despicable Me

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Super Bad or Super Dad?

Gru is in the running for the worst evil do-er around, but super villain Vector is giving him a run for his money. Gru adopts 3 little girls to help him best the other bad guy, but his plan might have to change when he finds his perspective of everything changing. What will become of Gru and his new family? Find out with your  family at your next Family Movie Night. To check the review before you view, click here.
Movie Snacks
*Gru and Vector both want the Shrink Ray… so serve up a meal full of all your favorite food cooked up Shrink Ray Style! Have sliders instead of full size burgers, mini muffins, corn dog bites, mini pizzas, popcorn chicken or any other small, bite size food. Serve up your drinks in test tubes or beakers and you’ve got a meal that Gru and Vector would both agree was extra fun!
*Have a variety of tasty treats to serve during this show like ice cream cones, in honor of the boy at the beginning that is crying over his. Also have  juice boxes like Edith, Cheetos (or Caterpillars that never turned into butterflies) like Agnes, and cookies like the ones the girl’s sell around the neighborhood.
*Grab a box of Twinkies or Zingers and make your own Minions Munchies! You could even let your family decorate them in fruit roll-up overalls and icing eyes.

Must Pause Moments
*Gru makes a balloon animal for a little boy then pops it. Play along with the movie and make some balloon animals with your family and then try to avoid having your creation get popped by Gru (or anyone else in your family.)
*When Gru and a couple minions are trying to sneak in and get the Shrink Ray, they use one of the minions like a glow stick. Pass out glow sticks to each of your family members or guests and let the glowing begin!
*The girl’s draw themselves at the bottom of the family tree displayed on Gru’s wall. Get some butcher paper or a poster board and draw your own family tree and display it on your own wall.

Other Activities
*Dress up like the different characters in this fun movie. Here are some things to remember for each character. Gru: black zip up jacket, black pants, black and grey scarf  Minions: Yellow face paint, overalls, goggles  Margo: Skirt, glasses, jacket, red high tops  Edith: Pink hat & sweater, white boots Agnes: Overalls, striped shirt, ponytail sticking straight up.
*When the minions can’t find a Unicorn toy for Agnes, they bring her one  they made from a scrubber brush. Grab some scrub brushes and other random household goods and see what kind of creatures you and your family can come up with.
*The girls talk Gru into taking them to an amusement park. To join in the fun, you could have face painting and carnival games set up for your family to play. You might even want to have cotton candy for everyone.
*It takes some time, but Gru finally gets used to reading the girls a bedtime story and even ends up making his own storybook to share with them. Grab some craft supplies and make your own family storybook. Write and illustrate one of your favorite family adventures. Be sure to read it at bedtime to your kids tonight.

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