ClearPlay Classic: Pretty in Pink

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An 80’s Fairy Tale!

Andie Walsh (Molly Ringwald) grew up on the wrong side of the tracks and now that she’s in high school that fact keeps her from trusting rich boy Blane (Andrew McCarthy) who has taken a sudden interest in her.  Of course it doesn’t help that her best friend, Duckie (Jon Cryer) is encouraging her to stay away from the rich kids.  But it’s the end of their senior year and prom time so Andie must decide if she can step outside of her comfort zone and fight for Blane, or stick with what she knows.

 Hey you, yes YOU! Look right, ok now look left, did you see any of the following: side ponytails, scrunchies, neon pants, tapered trousers, stirrups, mohawks, or perhaps a mullet?  That’s right, we have cycled back to the 80’s and Pretty In Pink is an iconic 80’s film that must not be overlooked or forgotten! Molly Ringwald, a member of the infamous “Brat Pack” is right on the money in her role, although I find her to be slightly whiny, am I the only one out there that feels this way? But none of that matters because what I love about this film is that it’s an 80’s fairytale, a poor girl with a deadbeat dad who finds herself being pursued by a handsome, sensitive, rich kid.  It’s the stuff dreams are made of! Just don’t concentrate on the chemistry between Ringwald and McCarthy because it’s about as present as the snow that we got this winter here in Minnesota (none)! Concentrate on the fairytale story and the nostalgic trip down memory lane of bangs, scrunchies, and ugly sweaters.

Motherly Advice: I watched Pretty In Pink through medium filters, which was a good decision because apparently, 80’s films followed the same suit as today in trying to pack in as many cuss words as possible.  I only caught one “sh” word, and one blasphemy both of which would be omitted if watched on “most” filters.  If kissing scenes aren’t your thing, than sorry because you’ll catch two pretty steamy make-out scenes. I think the overriding theme that as a mother want to make everyone aware of is the amount of bullying that is present in this film.  Duckie is shoved, pushed, punched, called names, and in general made fun of through the whole film.  I feel like this is a real problem in the schools right now so if you are viewing this film with teens I would highly recommend a candid conversation about bullying.  This film would be appropriate for ages 13+.

Trisha~ Who’s your favorite member of the Brat Pack?

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