Family Movie Night Activity - The Muppets

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Life’s A Happy Song When There’s Someone By Your Side To Sing Along!

Walter is a huge fan of The Muppets, he is probably their #1 Fan! Turns out he’s the perfect person (or Muppet) to help the gang get back together to save their theater. Grab the whole family and enjoy the 3rd Greatest Gift Ever… Laughter! If you want to know more about the movie, check out the review here.

Movie Snacks
*Walter, Gary and Mary take a break for Hot dogs when they’re trying to find the Muppets. Fire up the grill and serve your guests some hot dogs with all your favorite toppings while you enjoy the show.
*Make some snacks that look or sound like each of The Muppets. You could serve apples that look like Kermit, Miss Piggies In A Blanket, Fozzy Bear-ittos or Fozzy’s Stir-Fry (cooked in a Wocka Wok of course) and other “talking” food
*When we first see Miss Piggy she’s trying to decide which doughnut she’s going to eat first. Have some doughnuts for your movie night and see what Piggy felt like having to choose her treat.

Must Pause Moments
*In the opening musical number, Walter and Gary start out by brushing their teeth in time with the music. Pause the movie and play “Name That Tune” by humming a song while brushing your teeth (with no toothpaste) and see if people can still guess what song you’ve been brushing up on. If you’re watching this movie at a party, be sure to give out new toothbrushes as a party favor or prize!
*Tex Richman doesn’t laugh, he just tells his henchmen to laugh for him. See how long you can last playing  the Don’t Laugh Game. Sit in a circle and have the first person turn to their neighbor and say “Ha.” That person then turns to their neighbor and says “Ha ha!” Keep adding one “Ha” each time and say it as silly as you can to try and get the other person to smile or laugh… because if they do, they are out! See which of you is left at the end to fund out who would make the best Tex Richman. 
*After spending a long day working hard to clean everything up, The Muppets go to bed in hammocks. Have everyone change into their pajamas and make your own hammock or blanket fort to watch the rest of the movie in.

Other Activities
*Walter and Gary get their height measured throughout the beginning of the movie. Measure the height of each of your family members or party guests. While others are waiting for their turn, let them choose whether they are more man (or woman) or Muppet.
*Walter loves his map of The Muppet Studio and gets excited to visit there. Make a map of your home and be sure to label all the different features and notable attractions.
*If The Muppets are relatively new to your familiy, dust off your other videos or DVD’s and have a Muppet Marathon. You can find episodes of The Muppet Show, and other full length movies like Muppet’s Take Manhatton or Muppet’s From Space all of which you’re sure to have fun with.

*LyndiLou* “I’ve Got Everything That I Need… Right In Front Of Me”

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