Finding Neverland

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A Classic Story About A Classic Story

The story of how author Sir James Matthew Barrie got his inspiration for his most popular piece, Peter Pan, by befriending the Davies family. Through friendship and play he finds the muses he needed to create his masterful play.

Jonnhy Depp, Freddie Highmore and Kate Winslet are magical in this magical film. How can you expect any less from these three though? This movie is interesting, creative, entertaining and inspiring. It helped me as a parent remember how important it is to play with my kids while they are young and their imaginations so potent. Plus it's good to be reminded that urging them to grow up too fast isn't such a great idea, but allowing ourselves to act a little childish now and then is a superb idea! Watch this one with your family this weekend, you'll not regret it!

Motherly Advice: The filter for this movie only needed to cut out a couple of minor swear words. You'll still need to be aware of the topic of parental death which is prevalent in this story. Also a brief conversation where one of Barrie's friends approaches him about the rumors going around that he's spending unhealthy amounts of time with little boys and the implications that may come with that. Children under 13 really wont understand what their talking about though. Also Barrie's wife sort of accuses him of having an affair and then has one of her own but this is also done very quietly in the movie so that only adults and older kids who are really paying attention to dialogue will understand. This movie with filter is suitable for the whole family but children under 5 may not be that entertained.

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