Happy Feet 2

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Not one in a Krillion but worthy of a chance!

Mumble (Elijah Wood) from Happy Feet is all grown up now and has a chick of his own named Erik (Ave Erics).  Erik, not too much unlike his Dad, finds himself not fitting in with the other penguins when he struggles to find his talent in singing or dancing like the rest of them.  He sets off with a couple of friends to discover a home where he won’t be a misfit.  Mumble tracks them down and brings them home only to discover that an iceberg has crashed right into their cove trapping their family and friends in a deep inescapable crater.  

Sequels seem to get a bad rap but not having seen the original Happy Feet I didn’t have something to compare this to so this is my unbiased opinion.  The visuals are vibrant and stunning to watch.  The musical numbers were my favorite parts, they were fun and entertaining.  Bill and Will a couple of Krill buddies voiced by Matt Damon and Brad Pitt had some laughable banter but their characters really didn’t tie into the story, though I still loved them.  If you are looking for storyline faults you will find them but it is still enjoyable for its target audience which is younger kids.  The animated world has had some fierce competition in the last decade or so, while this wouldn’t be at the top of the list it was good enough to make me want to check out the first  Happy Feet.

Motherly Advice:  Thank heavens for a language filter!  I am always amazed when filmmakers put such insulting words like loser and idiot in a kids movie for such an impressionable age group to watch.  Being trapped by the iceberg has left the penguins cut off from their food supply and vulnerable to predators.  Parents are seen protecting and fighting off Skua birds from their chicks since they are stuck in pretty much a huge bowl as sitting ducks. Mumble has an encounter with a very large, intimidating Elephant Seal that appears to want to harm him until it ends up falling down into a large crevasse.  The disturbing part is two baby seals have just witnessed what they believe to be their Dad falling to his death.  Bill and Will who are friends have a borderline bromance relationship with the discussion of adopting kids together but it seems to be done in a humorous way.  With language filters on high kids as young as 4 would enjoy this one!   

Hannah -  Beware, you may get some of the songs stuck in your head.

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