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The Family that “RV’s” Together, Stays Together!

Meet the Munro family.  Bob (Robin Williams) and Jamie (Cheryl Hines) are wonderful parents to children, Cassie(Joanna Levesque) and Carl (Josh Hutcherson). Thinking he’s brilliant, Bob decides to make a road trip out of a business trip and rents an RV for the family to travel across the U.S.  He’ll undermine his brilliance as the next few days can only be explained in one word: chaos.  But one catastrophe after the other brings the drifted Munro family closer as they have one goal in mind: get home in one piece.

Remember the first time you went on a family vacation? The first hour is smooth, the second you start getting annoyed with your sibling in the next seat, and by the third hour you are wondering why it’s taking 20,000 hours to get to said destination? That’s kind of the feeling I got while watching RV.  Robin Williams is a brilliant comedian and shouldn’t have to resort to bathroom humor to make a good movie, but alas, he did.  The best part of the movie was when the Munro’s bump into another RVing family, the Gornickes (Jeff Daniels and Kristin Chenowith) who play a folksy cheesy family that regularly RV across the country.  That story could have/should have been the focus of the movie, and not when and how to unplug your RV toilet.

Motherly Advice: I watched RV with my filters set on medium and was spared a whole bunch of religious expletives, and several other “swears”.  In the first five minutes I was surprised to see Jamie (Cheryl Hines) putting her kids to bed in a nightgown that wasn’t so child friendly, shoulders, plunging neckline, the works.  Gross! The daughter also wears a couple of outfits that include short shorts and tight t-shirts that I’m pretty sure would fit my 2-month-old daughter! But that’s not the part that got me, it was all the bathroom humor.  You’ll see what looks like poop a LOT, even one scene where Williams is trying to unclog it and has a hose held over his head and you’ll see some of the “poop” landing on his face. Disgusting!! This scene goes on for at least 20 minutes, so if you want to rent this one for your pre-teen boys go for it, otherwise stick with classic Robin Williams films like Mrs. Doubtfire or Patch Adams!

Trisha~ Family Vacation Enthusiast!!

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