Cheaper by the Dozen

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The Baker's Dozen

With 12 kids, Tom and Kate have their hands full. But when Kate leaves on a book tour, leaving Tom to handle the kids and his new job, their hands begin to overflow and questions about whether they've been making the right decisions for their family begin to arise. If the family can work together and get it together things will be just fine, but with 12 kids, that's easier said than done.

Maybe it's because when this movie came out I only had one kid so I didn't appreciate the humor and reality of a house that chaotic. Now I have a house that is almost that chaotic and found myself laughing and shaking my head in agreement throughout most of this film. It was a great reminder of how families have to work together to make things work. Chores, responsibility, sticking up for one another, having fun together, loving each other and thinking/acting selflessly are the things in this movie that help the Baker family survive. All good lessons for kids and parents to learn.

Motherly Advice: Filters set to Medium cleaned up a handful of blasphemous remarks and one or two 'light' swear words. Still, with sex filters on High a scene where the Baker's oldest daughter, Nora, kisses her boyfriend heavily (but not sloppily) in front of her parents is definately there. Nora also spends the night with her boyfriend and her parents put up a big fuss about it when they find out. With Medium filters you'll hear talk about how each child was brought to life, including a description of these parents having a few too many beers and ending up with twins. Also talk of a vasectomy and seeing Steve Martin on a surgical table preparing for said vasectomy. Lastly, there is a scene where the Baker kids soak Ashton Kutcher's underwear in meat and then he puts them back on. When the dog sniffs out the meat it leads to an uncomfortable scene with the dog "really digging in" to his crouch. There are even some close ups of the dog aggressively sniffing things out there. My husband just about stopped breathing over this scene he was laughing so hard but I thought it was kind of uncomfortable. To each his own humor I guess. I think this one is appropriate for ages maybe 10 or 11 and up.

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