Secondhand Lions

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Absolutely Delightful! 

Walter (Haley Joel Osment), who has been fed many lines by his irresponsible mother, finds himself once again having to go along with one of her schemes to make their lives better.  He is dropped off at the home of his two eccentric uncles whom he has never met and who have just resurfaced after 40 years off the grid.  Rumor has it that they have millions stashed at their rural Texas ranch. Walter has been given the task to find out where they hide their money. While staying with them Walter finds himself captivated by their stories of the past and learns a bit about love, life and how to be a man too.

What a pleasant surprise this movie was.  I am a huge Robert Duvall fan and loved the performances by Michael Caine and Osment too.  The trio develops a love and respect for each other that will charm you.   It has a slower pace to it that I really enjoyed and it was laced with small bits of humor that was just enough to keep the heartwarming story fun and build the characters appeal.  My only negative thing to say may be that the ending was a little over dramatic, but hey it can’t be perfect, right? A nice choice if you are looking for a movie that will please a wide age group.  I may even add it to our movie library.

Motherly Advice:  The uncles use shotguns as their home security system, deterring visitors from approaching, which doesn’t always work so well.  They also tell of their many escapades of the past and present involving fighting, swords and war scenes, no blood and guts though.  Walter finds himself the prey of a treasure seeking man that takes his pursuit too far by laying his hands on him, but don't worry he gets whats coming to him.  Even though “Lion” is in the title the actual Lion in the movie does not play a significant role but it is seen protecting its owner by attacking a man, even though not much is seen, it may still be scary for smaller kids. There are a wide range of emotions in this movie from being totally irritated by Walter’s Mom’s selfish ways to the loyalty shown from those who feel loved. With your language filters on High I think this PG rated film would be best for ages 8 and up.

Hannah -  May I suggest giving those so-called crazy relatives a chance, they may surprise you!

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