The Muppets

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It’s time to raise the curtain on the Muppet Show tonight! The Muppets return for another big screen adventure. A lot of time has passed since their last show and all the muppets have scattered to pursue their own lives. But when a rich oil baron threatens to tear down their old studio, the gang gets back together to light the lights one last time to try to save their heritage and restart their career together.

ClearPlay In Action!

There is very little for ClearPlay to do here besides a few edits for some really minor language issues. Appropriate for the whole family.

Should I Go Gonzo for the Muppets?…

I grew up watching the Muppets, and this nostalgic film has all of the trademark Muppet goofiness, puns, gags, and humor any Muppet fan would expect. It’s all wrapped in a musical with a coming of age story, and while I found some of the song and dance numbers a little awkward, watching Chris Cooper (who plays the bad guy) bust out a rap more than made up for it. If you like the Muppets, you’ll enjoy this family movie.

Brian Fuller—Apprentice of the Great Gonzo
Rated PG for some mild rude humor; 103 min; Directed by James Bobin
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