Jurassic Park Trilogy

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Frighteningly entertaining but validates why we shouldn't fool with mother nature!

Jurassic Park – A wealthy man and a group of scientists discover the technology to use “Dino DNA” to bring back the extinct creatures to modern day.   The dinosaurs are to be featured at a theme park called Jurassic Park. Things go awry when bad weather hits the island and the dinosaurs have the upper hand.   
The build up of the story is well done and you feel just as intrigued and excited to get your eyes on the dinosaurs as much as the scientists do.  The casting was great minus the sometimes annoying grandkids of the owner of the park but the dinosaurs steal the show.  Jeff Goldblum plays the perfect eccentric scientist who offers some witty humor amid white knuckle moments.
Jurassic Park: The Lost World – All was believed to be lost when Jurassic Park was shutdown.  With the original being such a disaster no one imagined that a 2nd island called site B had been created.  Two teams venture to the 2nd island hosting dinosaurs but they go with very different agendas.  

In the 2nd installment the action comes on even quicker than the first and keeps up throughout the whole movie.  Only a couple of the original cast members return in this film but the new additions are welcomed.  I’ve heard many people say they didn’t like this one but I did.  Sure, the part where the T-Rex runs amok in California is a bit far-fetched, but the whole movie is far-fetched.  Entertainment is what it is all about and it had me hooked.

Jurassic Park III – A reluctant Dr. Grant (Sam Neill) returns as a scientist recruited to travel to site B to assist a couple in finding their missing son.   

The storyline is a bit different but more of the same when it comes to their lives are always dangling in the hands of whatever creature lurks around them.  This one is about a half an hour shorter than the previous films so the story moves quicker.  T-Rex has a rival that would have me shaking in my boots. 

Anyone of the movies in the trilogy is going to give you a mega dose of dinosaurs with intense, suspenseful moments that will keep you on the edge of your seat (at least me anyways).  The first two are based on books written by Michael Crichton but the third and final one is not. The original tends to be my favorite since it captures the awe and wonder of seeing the life like creatures for the first time at Jurassic Park.  I enjoy them all but I think I would recommend them in the order they were released.  I admit I love the intensity of these movies so I watch them at night for the best effect.

Motherly Advice:  Action, action and more action with people in peril thrown in.  Language and use of blasphemy are scattered throughout all movies so set your filters to high on those.  I must say I am very glad we are not sharing the planet with Dinosaurs because my blood pressure was high just watching the movies.  There are too many moments of dinosaur violence to spell them all out but be prepared to see multiple deaths or implied deaths.   The Velociraptor can’t go unmentioned since any scene they are in brings on heart palpitations and they are a ruthless hunter.  Some blood is seen when involving some deaths but most of it is not gory.  In the first movie a couple of animals are shown being fed to the dinosaurs and may be disturbing to some.  Smoking is prominent by one of the characters in the first movie but not in the other two.  The Dinosaurs seem more vulnerable in the 2nd installment due to the game hunting approach taken by some of the adventurers.  Due to the level of violence even with filters set on High and just plain fear factor I would suggest 12+.

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