Mr. Holland's Opus

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A Composition of Genius!

Glenn Holland (Richard Dreyfuss) has a life long dream of composing a song that would be heard throughout the world.  Behind on rent, Glen puts his dream on hold and decides to take a job as a high school music teacher.  Years later he, through his own love of music, inspires his students to love and appreciate all music.  And though he does finish his dream of composing a famous song, he learns that his true fulfillment came in the form of teaching music to young people and making a difference in their lives.

First off let’s just define the word Opus, because I certainly didn’t know what it was! Opus: O-P-U-S,  A musical composition. Ok so yes that should have been obvious and maybe does sound better than, Mr. Holland’s Musical Composition, but now you maybe learned something new today.  And I truly believe that this film is an Opus, it’s perfectly composed in a two-hour package that inspires and uplifts.  Leaving you with a desire to go and do good. Richard Dreyfuss is wonderful as Mr. Holland, I really felt like he was one of my teachers that I hated at first because they made me work so hard (heaven forbid) but in the end I realized that I had actually learned something and felt good about myself for doing it.  That’s what makes a good teacher great, which is what Mr. Holland is.  And his Opus is one that you should march down to your local library and rent, because as he quotes, “Life is what happens while you’re busy making other plans”.

Motherly Advice: I watched Mr. Holland’s Opus with my filters set on medium and there were just a couple of parts that I should note.  Since the movie spans 40 years, you’ll see a glimpse of the 70’s where of course there are people smoking and drinking.  Also, Glenn has a deaf son and one scene shows them signing a swear word (is it bad that I knew this?? ) So besides these minor things Mr. Holland’s Opus is squeaky clean and appropriate for all ages, a film I’d call perfect for a family night!

 Trisha~ Newly inspired to “Go and Do Good”!

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