The Lorax

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Colorful, Musical AND Environmentally Friendly

The Lorax shouts Happy Birthday to Dr. Seuss with the story of a young boy trying to find where all the missing trees have gone. He'll meet the Once-ler who tells him the tale of the Lorax, who tried to make the Once-ler see the error of his destructive ways and explains what happened to all the colorful, fuzzy trees and the creatures who depended on them.

I kinda, sorta loved it! I didn't realize going in that it was going to be so completely ecologically and arboristically minded but it's a great message and one that we all need to remember and teach our kids. I could have enjoyed a few more Seuss rhymes but the music was so exceptional and the characters so dreamily Seuss that I got over it. The kids adored it and are already asking if we can go outside and plant a tree. Fine by me! (Yes, I rhymed on purpose, I did indeed.)

Motherly Advice: I didn't hear any sketchy language in this at all so there's a plus. The only thing I think some might want to watch out for is the whole plot of Ted trying to earn a kiss out of Audrey by finding her a tree. He daydreams about presenting the tree to her and in turn her saying, "I could just kiss you right now," and then she leans in to do so but he snaps out of his day dream to find himself kissing only his cereal box. In the end she does indeed kiss him on the cheek and its certainly age appropriate. I think everyone is safe taking their whole families to see this green film in theaters!

Danielle'- Three Cheers for Trees! Cheer! Cheer! Cheer!

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