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 Maybe Not the Greatest Film But a Great Message!

Courageous is a Christian based movie, brought to us by the same people who produced Fireproof, that follows the lives of four police officers while they work and also their relationship as friends outside of work.  They endure trials, tragedy and missed opportunities to find their path back to God.  A tragedy for one of the officers has a life changing impact that has a domino effect on the group in regards to the impact they have on the community and their children as Fathers. 

First off I must say this isn’t a movie to watch for entertainment like you may be used to, it has a clear message to deliver.  I’m always up for a good wholesome movie with values attached and this movie hit that mark; Courageous had the vibe of a “reality movie” since it was depicting very real circumstances. The fact that they centered the story on living your life around God was bold and applaudable.  I started to get a bit antsy while watching because I felt that the director Alex Kendrick moved the story a little slowly and it could have been cut by about 30 minutes and still represented the same message and delivered the same impact.  Courageous won’t be an Oscar contender with some of the cheesy moments in the film but it does send you away with an invigorated sense on being a parent and the responsibility of being a father.

Motherly Advice:  With a rating of PG-13 I had my filters set to Medium which only cut minor things.  Language is not an issue but there are moments of violence that you may want to turn your filters up for but the violent scenes do tie into the message of decisions we make in life and the consequences of them.  *Spoiler Alert* A couple of the tougher scenes to watch are a Father hanging on to his truck for dear life from a carjacker because his son is still trapped in the vehicle and a family dealing with the loss of a loved one.  The uplifting message shines through even though you will endure a few scenes involving gangs, drugs, violence, gun shooting and dishonesty.

HannahMovie Mom who is thankful for all the Great Fathers out there!

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