When Harry Met Sally

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Everything I Wished I Knew When I Was Dating!

Sally (Meg Ryan) has just graduated from college and has agreed to give her friend’s boyfriend, Harry (Billy Crystal)a ride to New York.  The ride is an insightful one where Sally learns how opinionated and annoying Harry is, and Harry learns how uptight and high-maintenance Sally is.  The two depart hoping to never have to see the other again but destiny has other plans when the next ten years unfold only to bring the two together time after time.  They eventually become close friends, and maybe more. But can two people become romantic when they’ve been such close friends? Or if they decide to remain friends, can they do so without romance complicating things.  The answer to this and other of love’s great mysteries lie within this 1989 hit, When Harry Met Sally.

I’ll never forget the first time I watched When Harry Met Sally.The first five minutes taught me more about love and relationships than I had learned in all my 21 years (at the time). Harry and Sally will be your love coaches, they’ll teach you that love is complicated, and strange, and beautiful, and not ever what or where you expect it to be.  If you think you can’t picture Meg Ryan and Billy Crystal having chemistry, then join the ranks but they really do! The chemistry and tension begin between the two from the beginning and only continues to build until the beautiful and perfectly composed finale. If you were born circa 1980 or before than you’ll find yourself taking a trip down memory lane with the mommy jeans, ugly sweaters, feathered hair, Aqua Net hairspray, and doughty hats.  The story is a beautiful composition of love lost and love found, by far one of my favorite movies to watch on Valentine’s Day.

Motherly Advice: I’ve seen When Harry Met Sally without the filters and believe me when I say that you’ll want to watch with your filters on at least medium.  Neither Harry nor Sally shy away from using certain expletives.  Also, both leading characters have at least one steamy make-out scene, one of which lasts mmm, about 10 seconds, yes I timed it. There’s also a scene where Billy Crystal is asking Meg if they’ve ever had sex but does so in an obscene gesture (why this was necessary I’ll never know). Also, the famous café part, and those who have seen it without filters know what I mean, is completely cut out. But all of this is just mumbo jumbo compared to what you really need to know before allowing youngsters to view this film. The premise is, can men and women really be just friends without sex interfering.  So the idea of sex meshing with friendship is hashed out and though you won’t see any sex you’ll still know what is happening.  As cute as the love story is I wouldn’t say this film is appropriate for anyone under the age of 18.

Trisha~Whilst watching this movie, don’t be surprised if you start wondering which people you were “just friends” with, who wished you were more.

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