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One Day of MISERY!

On July 15 Dexter and Emma spent the night of their college graduation together (sleeping) and find an instant friendship that will span many, many years. We visit them every year on the anniversary of this first night and see where the year has taken them, whether their together or a part, friends or enemies.
Hated it. I thought I was in for this deliciously epic romance that I could pass on to you blog readers to watch on Valentine's Day and be the big hero. I am not the hero. I am the disappointed movie reviewer who instead will warn you NOT to get this for Valentine's Day (that counts for something right?)
Surprisingly though the horrendousness of this movie isn't even Anne Hathaway's fault. While the premise of the love story snapshots taken from one day every year is an alluring and promising one, it unfortunately leaves a lot out. Like everything that happened in between those days that we miss out on, of course I say 'miss out on' assuming we would actually want to see more of this movie, which we don't so I guess it's ok. I didn't really feel the romance or chemistry either, when they finally get together it was as if they had shrugged their shoulders and said, "Oh well, you're all that's left and we've been friends forever...why not?" When this movie ended I felt depressed. Some movies can be sad but leave you feeling uplifted and inspired. This one made me feel sad...and angry that I was sad.

Motherly Advice: ClearPlay does a lot to clean this terrible movie up. The beginning of the movie has the most filter-worthy matter in it. Lots of sexual references, nudity, immorality and drinking. Some things that can't be filtered are implied premarital, marital and extra martial relations. At one point we see Dexter's wife in a bedroom with another man (who is topless) while talking on the phone with Dexter. The implications are obvious and probably not suitable for the youngsters. The plot deals with topics of divorce, death, alcoholism and heavy party scenes. If you insist on watching this, which you shouldn't, I'd spare your kids under the age of 16 or anyone else who who doesn't want to wish they'd gone to bed early.

Danielle'- Marking February 5 as The First and LAST Time I Watched This Movie 

P.S. If you loved this movie, go ahead and leave your thoughts here and tell me why. I dare you.

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