National Treasure

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A National Pleasure to watch!

Ben Gates (Nicholas Cage) the youngest in a long line of Treasure Hunters grew up believing his family had a key to a secret treasure dating back to the Founding Fathers. In the hopes of clearing his family name, Gates sets out to steal the Declaration of Independence before another treasure hunter does. Ben, accompanied by his witty sidekick Riley (Justin Bartha) use their brains, luck and some computer savvy to help solve history's riddles that they encounter, leading them on an historical wild goose chase.

If you can enjoy a movie for what it is then I think you will like this fast paced adventure.  It may not be completely historically accurate but the combination of history and mystery are certainly fun to watch. A lot of the movie is reality meeting the impossible or at least improbable, yet it makes it look easy to steal a highly guarded document. But oh well that’s why it is a movie right? This movie also made my stop at the National Archives building in Washington D.C. a lot more fun and interesting.  National Treasure has an Indiana Jones type feel, not quite as much action but the hunt for treasure is on.

Motherly Advice:  ClearPlay did its job by cutting out some profanity and blasphemy and, refreshingly, it didn’t have to work too hard beyond that.  It also feels good when a filmmaker puts out a movie that has very little of the junk that makes it difficult to let your pre-teens and adolescents see without skewing too young. With a treasure at stake there are plenty of cat and mouse chase scenes that include gunfire but no casualties or blood; there are also some threats of death, both verbal and non-verbal; one character does fall to his death but nothing graphic, all that is shown is the man falling off of something and then cutting away.  There is a love story but it is more of a subtle part of the film and not overly cheesy but there is a kiss that they share, so nothing to fear here. All in all it is a great family movie that can be enjoyed by anyone 8+.

HannahClearPlay Treasure Seeker 

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