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Someone Please Get Brendan a New Haircut!!

Brendan Frasier stars as a talented Silvertongue in this book made movie. When he reads a story, the characters come to life which may seem like a great way to get to know a story's characters. Too bad that some characters you would never want to meet in real life because their evil natures would come through the pages in tact and ready to wreak havoc on the world. Not to mention the other draw back being random people from the real world being sucked back into the world of the story read.

Why Brendan Frasier? Answer me this one question, why is it EVER Brendan Frasier? Paul Bettany, Helen Mirren and even creepy Andy Serkis (a.k.a Gollum) did wonders to salvage this movie from Brendan's incapable hands. Brendan Frasier aside, the movie was ok. I liked all of the other characters a lot and thought the plot was great. Plus it creates a curiosity for the allure of books and pays homage to some great stories. I can always appreciate a movie that sets books on the high pedestal of treasured things where they belong. The book, by Cornelia Funke, of course is a whole lot better but this is a fun adventure flick for the family to watch on movie night.

Motherly Advice: Clearplay cuts out a handful of colorful language here and with your filters set on High for nudity, will cut out a brief scene when Dustfinger's ferret fishes out a key from an old witches cleavage. That nudity filter will not, however, clear out a scene with Dustfinger shirtless in a crowd twirling fiery batons and spewing fire from his hands. What the filters couldn't cut (in order to keep plot integrity) were some scary beasts from story books (a Minotaur, wolf, flying monkeys etc.) Some scenes are pretty intense when Silver Tongue and his daughter are kidnapped by some story book thugs and at the end there is a very large and scary monster made of ashes and fire that threatens to eat everyone. For my kids, this movie was ok for those 8 and over for the scary/intense nature of the film.

Danielle'- Filtereyes Movie Mom

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