Kindergarten Cop

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"I'm the Pah-dee Poopah"

Detective John Kimball is a cop with no life outside of police work and at the moment, his work, and life, revolve around putting away the notorious bad guy Cullen Crisp. In order to do that Det. Kimball needs to find Crisp's ex-wife and son who are living in Oregon. So he's going deep undercover as a kindergarten teacher so he can figure out which kid is Crisp's and therefore, which mom is the key to closing this case.

As miserable as I thought I'd be watching this, and as much as the hubby teased me for trying, I wasn't in complete purgatory watching Arnold and his huge teeth go roaring around the screen with their terrible acting and thick accent. I enjoyed a nice mix of making fun of the former Governator, walking down memory lane, chuckling at all the cute kids and actually getting a little caught up in the storyline. So for a little something different than all the nothing that's at Redbox or Netflix right now, give it a whirl. But read below for age appropriateness.

Motherly Advice: I guess I forgot what the rating was on this but it was definitely PG-13 due to violence, death and murder. My medium filters cut some graphic shooting at close, deliberate ranges (I don't know why but when someone shoots somebody else deliberately at a close range it's ten times worse). It's still very obvious though that someone was just shot and killed and these scenes are still intense and graphic for little ones. A little language was cut out, a lot of which came from the mouths of the kindergartners talking about what their Dads do for a living and the one kid who keeps announcing what sort of body parts boys and girls have. One scene to watch out for is when Kimball comes back to his hotel to find his partner in bed with her fiance'. With filters on Most you heard some 'suspicious' noises and then saw the fiance' cowering behind the bed sort of obviously naked. He then reappears wearing Ursula's robe. Ursula remains in bed with the sheets wrapped beneath her armpits. Lastly, the topic of child abuse is dealt with when one child comes to school with nasty bruises on his back. Kimball talks to his mother about it at one point and then punches out the Dad later. Due to the violence here I'd keep this movie to your teens 15 and older.

Danielle'- Mother of a Kindergartner
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