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This is the true story of Billy Beane, a General Manager for the Oakland A’s baseball team. Faced with the loss of his three best players and a shortage of money in a small market, Billy turns to a new tool to recruit a team on a budget: computer statistical analysis. When the analysis tells him to sign scratch and dent players nobody wants, he runs afoul of the traditionalists and naysayers, but Billy’s approach would change the Oakland A’s and eventually the way baseball teams recruit players.

ClearPlay In Action!

The only objectionable element in this movie is language. There are a couple of “F” words, a host of “S” words, and then a few others. With filters in place, it is appropriate for everyone.

Is Moneyball Money?…

Moneyball isn’t the traditional “rah rah” sports movie that tries to pull some tears down your cheeks by showing a group of scrappy underdogs winning against all odds using heart and grit. It is a story about underdogs, and there is winning, but Moneyball is more about how necessity prompts innovation. Like a typical baseball game, the film is slow paced with intermittent bits of excitement, but it is well acted and interesting, reminding us that radical changes involve a bit of faith when things get ugly. Baseball enthusiasts shouldn’t miss it!

Brian Fuller—ClearPlay Talent Scout

Rated PG-13 for some strong language; 133 min; Directed By Bennett Miller
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