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Abduction Review…. Take 2!

Just to preface my review, I do agree with all of Ben’s assessments of Abduction, but I feel the need to meaty it up a bit and add my two cents (or sense) as a member of Team Jacob.

Nathan lives a life that one might call enchanted. But one night while working on a school project with his “crush” Karen, he comes across a picture online that leads him to believe that he was once a missing person.  Are his parents really his parents? Is his whole life a lie? To discover the answers he’ll fall deeper and deeper down the rabbit hole and put his life and that of Karen’s in grave danger. 
So my husband and I rented this movie based on the previews alone, which lead us to believe that it was going to be an action film with just a wee bit of romance thrown in.  What we got was a romance film with just a wee bit of action thrown in.  Ok, well maybe I’m being harsh because the entirety of the film consists of Nathan and Karen running from the “bad guys” but the focus of the film was definitely centered on their romance.  The fighting scenes weren’t too shabby, AND I did hear that Lautner does his own stunts, which is kind of cool but still doesn’t make up for his lack of acting skills!  The plot has some real potential, but because there was so much focus on trying to build sexual tension (which by the way didn’t happen) between Karen and Nathan, the story was shallow and unsatisfying. A film cut and molded for the teenage, love struck, Taylor Lautner fan club, Abduction is one that you could definitely skip!

Motherly Advice: We watched Abduction with the Clearplay filters set on medium and I was glad of it! This film has a lot of violence packed into it and I didn’t have to see a lot of the blood and gore that came out of the gun or fist fights.  I also didn’t have to endure a couple make out scenes that were seeming to get a little too “steamy” if ya know what I’m sayin’.  Here are the things you’ll want to discuss with your teenage daughter/s (because let’s face it, your teenage boy/s will not be interested in this one), Nathan’s parents get shot, pretty traumatic! Nathan and Karen jump out of a moving vehicle, not smart! And Nathan finds any and every excuse in the book to take off his shirt, your daughter might like it, but you might not like your daughter liking it! Lastly, the make out scenes, there are plenty of them but with your filters on, at least they aren’t too lengthy.  The violence is a concern in this film but again with filters set the fighting scenes won’t set your stomach churning. I would recommend Abduction for teenage girls ages 13 and up, and everyone else, settle in for a good nap!

Trisha~Sorry to all of you Twihard fans, but Taylor Launter has lost that lovin' feelin’!!

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