Family Movie Night Activity - Kiki’s Delivery Service

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Just Follow Your Heart And Keep Smiling!

Kiki is 13 years old, and for a young witch that means it’s time to venture out on her own for a year. She’s about to find out what it’s like to be on her own and if she’s really cut out to be a witch or not. Enjoy this fun film from the maker’s of Ponyo and My Neighbor Totoro, with your whole family for your next Movie Night, and you’re sure to have a magical evening.

Movie Snacks
*Kiki’s Mom is good at mixing potions and has beakers and all sorts of containers to put them up in. Serve your soup for dinner or drinks in beakers or other interesting containers to make it seem like Kiki’s Mom has made something special.
*When Kiki meets Osono at the Bakery, she enjoys some hot chocolate with her. Serve up some to your Movie Night buddies and have some of your favorite bakery treats like bread, rolls, or cookies as well. You could even get really fancy and try to re-create the braided bread wreath that is hanging up in the bakery window after Kiki starts her delivery service. Or make a cake with a picture of Kiki on it that she gets as a gift from the elderly woman she helps.
*Kiki says all they’ll be able to afford to eat is pancakes, so cook up some pancakes to have while you watch the show. When Kiki isn’t feeling well, Osono makes her oatmeal and honey, so you could serve that up as well.

Must Pause Moments
*Since Kiki is still getting the hang of flying, she tends to bump into things from time to time. How would you do flying on a broom? Make a mini broomstick obstacle course by sticking magnets onto a cookie sheet and then take turns “flying” a toothpick or stick pretzel around without hitting any of the pretend trees or buildings.
*Kiki loses the toy cat while she’s flying around and has to go into the forest to look for it. Use a pretend cat or other toy and while you pause the movie for a bit take turns hiding and looking for the feline. Send someone out of the room while you hide it, then play Hot & Cold to give them hints where to where it is.
*Kiki breaks her broom and starts working on another one, in hopes that she hasn’t really lost her powers. Stop the movie and pass out the supplies to make a broomstick pen or pencil, or one of these other fun broomstick crafts.

Other Activities
*Jiji is Kiki’s pet cat and is black and has very big eyes. Let everyone draw or paint a picture of Jiji, or even try to recreate him with felt or fabric and then you can each have a black cat of your own.
*Get some helium balloons, string and paper and make some dirigibles of your own. Just be sure not to fly them into the clock tower!
*After you’ve seen the whole movie, play a round of movie trivia. Think of some questions of your own, or use some from online, and see who remembers the most from the movie.

*LyndiLou* ~ Movie Mom Who Could Use Good Delivery Service Like Kiki’s

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